The Bystander
Founded in 1903 by George Holt Thomas, merging with The Tatler in 1940.
The Bystander was Popular during World War 1 for the Drawings of Bruce 
Bairnsfather and his "Old Bill" Cartoons. Also Popular for the Humorous Drawings
of William Heath Robinson. First Editor was William Comyns Beaumont.

The Graphic
Founded December 4th 1869 by William Lucas Thomas.
Published Weekly untill it Ceased on 23rd April 1932.
Total Issues 1 to 3254.
The Graphic Briefly continued as "The National Graphic"
from the 28th April to 14th July 1932 then Finished.
The Graphic was considered as the Main Rival to the Illustrated London News.
First Editor being Henry Sutherland Edwards.

The Sketch
Launched 1st February 1893 by Clarence Shorter and William Ingram.
Finished 17th June 1959, after Producing 2989 Editions.
The Sketch was Considered a Society Magazine which produced lots of Photographs.
First Editor being Clement Shorter.

The Sphere 
Founded on the 27th January 1900, and was published untill 27th June 1964.
Total Issues being 3343.

Illustrated London News.
Launched on 14th May 1842 by Herbert Ingram, and Published untill 2003.
Published Weekly from 1842 untill 1971.
Monthly from 1971 untill 1989.
   Bi-Monthly 1989 untill 1994.
Monthly 1994 untill 2003.
First Editor being Frederick William Naylor Bayley.

Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News.
Founded by Herbert Ingram 28th February 1874, Running untill 22nd January 1943.
Publishing 3576 Editions.
From 5th February 1943 untill 16th October 1957 it became Sport and Country.
Publishing 381 Editions.
From 30th October 1957 untill December 1970 it became known as Farm and Country.
Publishing 241 Editions.
Holly Leaves the Christmas Edition being Published from 1880 to 1969.

Country Life.
Launched on January 8th 1897, by Edward Hudson, incorporating Racing Illustrated.
First Editor being James Edmund Vincent.
Magazine is Weekly, and still being Published today.

Racing illustrated.
First Copy published on July 2nd 1895.
Last Copy came out on December 30th 1896.
79 Issues in total.

Navy and Army Illustrated
Published fortnightly from from 1905 to 1903
1st issues edited by Commander Charles N Robinson
Amalgamated with The King until 1905
Relaunched in 1906 and again in 1914-1915

Black and White Magazine
Founded by Charles Norris Williamson in 1891
In 1912 incorporated with The Sphere